Black blood


I won it at last!
I lured her to my palace!

Three candles in the infinite distance.
We are in heavy carpets, in the dust.

And under a dark, fire three candles
The dark velvet open arms,

Storm matted braids, dull eyes,
On the ring - a diamond pomerkshy,

And charred mouth in the blood
Another asks torture of love…

And the failure of the Deaf windows
Vague rustling many banners,

ringing, and pipe, and pony top,
And swinging the heavy coffin…

- ABOUT, favourite, we are not alone!
ABOUT, unhappy, turns off lights!..

- transhumance strange fear -
This blood rustled in my ears.

Close howl funeral pipes,
Embarrassed vzdoh ohladevshih gub:

- My handsome, my shame, Write…
Night casts its misty cry,

dimmed svechy, eyes, the words…
- You're dead, finally, dead!

I know, I drank your blood…
I put you in the coffin and sing, –

Hazy night of gentle spring
Will sing your blood in me!

October 1909

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Alexander Blok
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