two poems


Infrequently, not always, pleading and strict fear
I look into your eyes and smell the last day…
I grieve and pray over the buried ashes,
And all the ambient shadow of a better life…
Infrequently, not always, but, trust, soul lživo
Sings your dreams, swimming at your feet…
And know, to know if, that vibrantly and vividly
She beckons you, longs and calls…
Tell me a single time painful cry,
Listen once the mad ravings night, –
And you will understand the soul, Why is dark and wildly
Coming day brings the dawn of a…


Trust, - and I, distant light,
It has long dreamed of a different,
To you draw near to the dawn, –
We will spend the night in the open arms.

In one embrace silence…
When dawn begins to rise, –
Disappear in a mortal shudder,
To know the date of the coming.

And will the soul inseparable,
And they are united body,
As if suddenly - light and sonorous
I breathed a song - and died.

13 May 1901

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Alexander Blok
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