three poems


The dream of the kingdom out of hopelessness -
Like a bird Gray - a fog.
In waking from sleep umchit me vastness,
Like a hurricane.

Here - all year, all the pain, all alarms,
Black birds in the fields.
There is no limit to the blue road -
one swing.

The dream realm bird ringing shout,
Eagle - in fog.
And you - for me, disorderly procession,
There - in the hype!

17 January 1902


Illuminated by a mysterious smile
He spent his days the earth.
Walking on the beach - and on the surface of the shaky
Icy ghost seen in the distance.

Open the red gate
On another, on the other side.
And there - wonderful something,
It seemed, sang in a meadow.

Illuminated by a mysterious smile,
He spent the last days -
Not a day hoping shaky,
Not in the night shadows Privetnoye.

17 January 1902


but goodbye, about, goodbye, human race!
You're in their mist you pass the sea -
Through the Red Sea fog creep,
I left the fog, before me - Dawn!
I look into her eyes, about, people, about, people,
thought is not present, no thought, only floe floats,
blue, cold, - away from the earth!
Illuminated by the sun laughs away!

17 January 1902

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Alexander Blok
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