overtaken by a snowstorm

blizzard sang.
And snow pricked needles.
I iced soul.
You caught me.

You threw her head back in the heights.
You said: "looking, looking,
While you will not forget
Togo, what do you like".

And pointed to a distant city line,
On the field of snow and blue,
On aimless cold.

And blizzards podyaty hammer
He threw us into the abyss, where the sparks flew,
Where Snowflakes timidly curled…

Some spark,
Some snowflakes wrong flight…
How quickly - so quickly
You me
overturned vault

snowstorm soared,
star fell,
Behind it - other…
And the star of the star
vortices starry
new abyss.

In the sky, flashed dark eyes
so clearly!
And I forgot the signs
beautiful country -
In your splendor, comet!
In your splendor, srebrosnezhnaya night!

And swept devastating
exorbitant year,
Like a heart stiffens
sunset forever.

But wandering the far pole
The sun of my heart,
Ldyanym constrained belt
anarchy thy.

So come up w in the frosty hoarfrost,
Exorbitant light - Dawn!
Lift up on the blue dalyu
Wand pomerkshego king!

3 January 1907

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Alexander Blok
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