evg. Ivanov

He's sleeping, until sunset blush.
And sleepy rozoveyut armor.
And with a low whistle through the fog
looking Snake, hoof compressed.

Will go deaf pm,
Snakes rasklubitsya over houses.
In his hand outstretched Peter
Zaplyashet torch flame.

Lanterns light up the thread,
Will flash windows and sidewalks.
In the dim flicker areas
Pulled rows pairs.

Cloaks of mist shielding,
Sink glance enticing glance.
Let innocence of angle
Drawling begs for mercy!

There, on the rock, merry king
He swung the censer bad,
And garment city fumes
Lantern alluring clothed!

Run all the call! hunting!
At the crossroads of the moon!
The whole city is full of voices
Male - loud, female - Strings!

He will take care of their own city,
AND, Saale before Lucifer,
In his hand outstretched flash sword
Subsides over the capital.

22 February 1904

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