Poet, poet…

Poet, poet…
He sings and walks around the house…
And sadness, and tenderness, and languor,
Like before, his heart takes…

grievous burden,
the burden of all life lived,
And the length of the song and a simple
Lulls and pampers time…

So we are ancient,
Since the World Tree
And Lyre
Sings us the snow
Gray-haired winter,
Sing us a gray winter snow…

There, there,
On snow breasts
last night…
Breathe - and the eyes
Forever and ever
to close,
To close in the arms of the night…

no return
Passion and Dumas…
Look, look:
From midnight noise
It comes to us from the dawn breeze…
Last light
faded. Die.
Faded the last light of dawn.

19 October 1913

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Alexander Blok
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