Vyacheslav Ivanov

Violins was howling at the height of the ball.
Wine and blood, breathing,
That night we enjoyed destiny
Uprising terrible shower.

From foreign countries, from distant lands
In our ohn entered snehovoy,
In the circle of crazy, tomnookikh
You got a gold head.

slightly bent over, not old, not young,
All - radiation covert forces,
ABOUT, How many souls desert cold
You pierced his cold!

There was a moment - an unknown force,
Delight breaking the chest,
Srebristym bell ignored,
Sekuchim snow blinded,
Bliss twisted path!

And in that moment,, in a blinding blizzard,
I do not know, in which country,
I do not know, which circle,
Your strange face appeared to me…

And I, dichivshiysya hitherto
Eyes piercing your,
I looked… And our souls sang
In those days, the same verse.

But now the storm is past.
And bitter fold those years
We went to my heart. and other
In you do not see, as then.

In his youth, I do not know
Bottomless spell your soul…
occasionally, like before, distinguish
Song of the nightingale in your wilderness…

And many charms, and many song,
And old faces of beauty…
Your world, truly, wonderful!
Yes, autocratic king - you.

And I, sad, beggar, hard,
In the hour of the morning met the dawn,
Now, on a dusty crossroads
The royal train your watch.

18 april 1912

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