In the distant blue spalenke…

In the distant blue spalenke
Your child opochil.
Quietly climbed the little dwarf
And the clock stopped.

All, as it was. only Country
And in your window - foggy
Only the street is terrible.

If something unsaid,
What always sounds, is always…
Thread some unleashed,
combines years.

And you went, sleepily-white,
Along one of the rooms.
down, all timid,
Blue curtain window.

And then, barely visible,
A thin curtain lifted.
AND, as the time, bezrassvetnaâ,
stirring, originated mgla.

It was quiet in the far spalenke -
Blue dusk and calm,
Because that little dwarf
He keeps the pendulum arm.

4 October 1905

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Alexander Blok
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