Spell of fire and darkness


Work, Work, Work:
You will be with ugly hump
During a long and honest work,
During a long and honest work.

Under the holiday - others will be sweet,
Another sing your songs,
On the other dashing soldier
will go, podbochas, in the dance.

You know about myself, not worse
Another would have danced - out as a!
I could pull tighter and
His gold-embroidered sash!

That growth and pitched you came
Stately and beautiful other,
That that young women - taller
Other successful young women!

In it the power plays of blood,
Though swarthy cheeks pale,
Her thin black eyebrows,
And strict speech Brewfest…

Brother, sweet, how sweet, so sweet
Work, until dawn,
And know, that the dashing soldier
I went for the village, in the dance!

26 October 1907


And I again fell silent at his feet -
At his feet a long time and secretly cute,
He pushes on threshold blizzard
Fire snowstorm Dall ...

But the name of your fine
He says me wonder, painfully, sweet…
And kiss your trail furtively,
When a snowstorm sings, poet…

The drunk and the evil of their prison
stay overnight, a heart, you,
And calm your eyelashes
Adjacent snowy flowers.

As if, the mid-brain,
I fainted under the blizzard,
And in front of me came out of the snow
Cold, dead flower…

And with a secret sadness, sadly tender,
As the snow falls with petal,
Live the name of the Virgin of the Snows
Still flies with the language…

8 November 1907

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Alexander Blok
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