Spell of fire and darkness


Snowstorm sweeps through the streets,
wreathe, reeling.
I am someone hands to
And someone smiles.

Leads - and I see: depth,
Granite dark condensed.
it flows, she sings,
calling it, proklyataya.

I come and I depart,
He froze in a vague awe:
That's just move on Mezhuyev -
And I will be in the jet babble.

And he whispers - not drive away
(And the will is destroyed):
"Understand: his ability to die
soul oblagorozhena.

understand, understand, you're lonely,
How sweet are the secrets of the cold…
Look, Look into the cold current,
Where are all forever young…»

Begu. Let go, damn, away!
Do not torture you, do not tempt!
I will go out into the field, in the snow and the night,
Zabyus under a bush Rakitova!

There will of all freer wills
Not prinevolit freestyle,
And the pain of patients, pain
Will return to the path of the roundabout!

26 October 1907


ABOUT, I blush sunset,
What evil separation anxiety?
Everything in the world - a whirling dance
And meeting trembling hands!

I see pale cheeks,
I entered swan catch,
I listen to talk openly,
I thin the name of love!

And new dreams, Vagrants,
Disturbed in a tired way…
And yet diaper snegovaya
Can not bring me…

nesites, whirl, Tommy,
Snowflakes - Cold news…
My soul thin filaments,
Porvoo, Evolve, burn…

You, cold, my cold, my winter,
In my soul - I have a passionate…
Become, a heart, sighing hermit,
Die, Die, you, hymns…

flies again, flies, flies,
rings, and the snow turns, twists,
whirlwind swoops
snow sparks…

you vision, in the gentle dance,
In the midst of friends
Bypassed plain snow
endless cycle…

I hear your voices open,
I see pale cheeks,
On a clear eye look…

All, I will not tell,
I give a smile…
Happiness, happiness! With us the night!
You again shaky Path
Fly away…
Covering, singing,
Thy stature is flexible
Swirl snow cloud

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Alexander Blok
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