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Poem, attributed in. Bryusov

We glided by tram:
I was carrying kerosene from service,
It - with extreme diligence
accompanied, like a tiger, sailor.

Stan dense virgin red-faced
Clothed karakulny jacket,
Sailor shot with skin
C per hour passer ladies Ratio.

Flowed down to her knees boots,
It is a kind of caviar Paulin,
Look seductive kretinki
glow, as acetylene.

When we found ourselves near,
Some daring Mr.
It burned so hot look,
I almost burned my kerosene.

And I, foreboding excited,
I read in the eyes of its response,
That he - has long deklassiróvan
And he - no mercy.

And we went through ditches and ice floes,
It - there, and I - here…
I knew, that this gentleman
I not meet never.

10. XII. 1919

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