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(upon receipt, "the last verse of")

Woman, crazy arrogant woman!
I understand your every hint,
White spring fever
Ringing all the rage lines!

All words - like the sting of hatred,
All words - like stabbing steel!
Saturated with poison dagger
the whole blade, looking into the distance…

But in the distance I see the sea -, sea,
Giant sketch new countries,
your voice is not heard in the chorus of menacing,
Where is buzzing and howling hurricane!

Fearfully, sweet, inevitably, must
I - to rush into mnogopenny shaft,
You - the green-eyed Naiad
Sing, splash around in the Irish rock -

Highly - over us - over the waves, –
As the dawn of the black rocks -
Blowing banner - Internatsonal!

1 June 1918

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