О дряни – Vladimir Mayakovsky

Glory, Glory, Слава героям!!!

quite paid tribute.
let's talk
about rubbish.

Утихомирились бури революционных лон.
Подернулась тиной советская мешанина.

And got out
from behind the RSFSR

(I will not be taken at my word,
я вовсе не против мещанского сословия.
To the bourgeoisie
без различия классов и сословий
my praise.)

Со всех необъятных российских нив,

с первого дня советского рождения
they came together,
hastily changing feathers,
and sat in all institutions.
Намозолив от пятилетнего сидения зады,
strong, like washbasins,
live to this day -
quieter than water.
Свили уютные кабинеты и спаленки.

And in the evening

this or that scum,
on wife,
student at the piano, глядя,
He speaks,
from samovar:
"Comrade Nadia!
For the holiday, an increase -
24 thousand.

and I'll start myself
pacific ocean,
out of your pants
peep out
like a coral reef!»
And Nadia:
“And me with the emblems of the dress.
Без серпа и молота не покажешься в свете!
In what

I will figure
at the ball in the Revvoens?!»
On the wall Marx.
Ala frame.
Lying on Izvestia, kitten is warming up.
And from under the ceiling
rabid canary.

Marx looked from the wall, looked…
And suddenly
in razinul rot,
yes how to shout:
“The threads of the philistine revolution have entangled.
Страшнее Врангеля обывательский быт.
roll canary heads -
so that communism
was not beaten by canaries!»


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