Aibolit – Korney Chukovsky


Kind doctor Aibolit!
He sits under a tree.
Come to him for treatment
And the cow, and wolf,
And a bile, and the worm,
And a bear!

Heal everyone, heal
Kind doctor Aibolit!


And the fox came to Aibolit:
"Oh, I was bitten by a wasp!»

And he came to Aibolit watchdog:
“A chicken pecked me in the nose!»

And the hare came running
And screamed: “The moon, month!
My bunny got hit by a tram!
My rabbit, my boy
Hit by a tram!
He was running down the path,
And his legs were cut,
And now he's sick and lame,
My little rabbit!»

And said Aibolit: "No problem!
Give it here!
I will sew him new legs,
He will run on the track again ".
And they brought a bunny to him,
Such a patient, lame,
And the doctor sewed his legs,
And the bunny jumps again.
And with him the mother hare
I went to dance too,
And she laughs and screams:
"Well, thank you. Aibolit!»


Suddenly from somewhere a jackal
He jumped on the mare:
“Here's a telegram
From Hippopotamus!»

“Come, doctor,
To Africa soon
And save, doctor,
Our babies!»

«Что такое? Really
Your children are sick?»

"Yes Yes Yes! They have a sore throat,
Scarlet fever, cholera,
Diphtheria, appendicitis,
Malaria and bronchitis!

Come soon,
Kind doctor Aibolit!»

"Okay, okay, run away,
I will help your children.
Just where do you live?
On a mountain or in a swamp?»

“We live in Zanzibar,
In the Kalahari and Sahara,
Up Fernando-Po,
Where Hippo-Po walks
On wide Limpopo ".


And Aibolit got up, Aibolit ran.
In the fields, but forests, he runs through the meadows.
And only one word is repeated by Aibolit:
Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo!»

And in his face the wind, and snow, and city:
"Hey, Aibolit, go back!»
And Aibolit fell and lies in the snow:
"I can't go further".

And now to him from behind the tree
Shaggy wolves run out:
"Sit down, Aibolit, on horseback,
We will take you quickly!»

And Aibolit galloped forward
And only one word keeps repeating:
Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo!»


But here is the sea in front of them -
Raging, rustling on the premises.
And there is a high wave in the sea.
Now she will swallow Aibolit.

"ABOUT, if i drown,
If I go to the bottom,
What will become of them, with the sick,
With my beasts of the forest?»
But then a whale comes out:
"Sit on me, Aibolit,
AND, like a big steamer,
I'll take you ahead!»

And sat on the whale Aibolit
And only one word keeps repeating:
Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo!»


And the mountains stand in front of him on the way,
And he begins to crawl over the mountains,
And the mountains are getting higher, and the mountains are steeper,
And the mountains go under the very clouds!

"ABOUT, if i don't get there,
If I get lost on the way,
What will become of them, with the sick,
With my beasts of the forest?»

And now from a high cliff
Eagles flew to Aybolit:
"Sit down, Aibolit, on horseback,
We will take you quickly!»

And sat on the eagle Aibolit
And only one word keeps repeating:
Limpopo, Limpopo, Limpopo!»


And in Africa,
And in Africa,
On black
Sits and cries
In Africa
Sad Hippopo.

He's in Africa, he is in Africa
Sits under a palm tree
And out to sea from Africa
Looks without rest:
Is he going in a boat
Dr. Aibolit?

And prowl the road
Elephants and rhinos
And they speak angrily:
"Well, there is no Aibolit?»

And next to the hippos
Grabbed the bellies:
They have, in hippos,
Stomachs hurt.

And then the ostriches
They are staring, like piglets.
Brother, sorry, sorry, sorry
Poor ostriches!

And measles, and they have diphtheria,
And smallpox, and they have bronchitis,
And their head hurts,
And the neck hurts.

They lie and rave:
"Well, why isn't he going,
Well, why isn't he going,
Dr. Aibolit?»

And nestled next to
Toothed shark,
Toothed shark
Lies in the sun.

Brother, at her babies,
Poor sharks,
For twelve days already
Teeth ache!

And dislocated shoulder
At the poor grasshopper;
Does not jump, he does not jump,
And he cries bitterly
And the doctor is calling:
"ABOUT, where is the good doctor?
When will he come?»


But here, look, some kind of bird
Closer and closer rushes through the air.
On the birds, look, Aibolit is sitting
And waves his hat and shouts loudly:
"Long live sweet Africa!»

And all the kids are happy and happy:
"I arrived, I arrived! Hooray! Hooray!»

And the bird is circling above them,
And the bird sits on the ground.
And Aibolit runs to the hippos,
And slaps them on the tummies,
And all in order
Gives a chocolate bar,
And puts and puts them thermometers!

And to the striped
He runs to the cubs.
And to the poor humpbacks
Sick camels,
And every gogol,
Of every mogul,
Gogol-mogul will hear.

Ten nights Aibolit
Does not eat, does not drink and does not sleep,
Ten nights in a row
He heals the unfortunate animals
And puts and puts them thermometers.


So he cured them,
So he cured the sick.
And they went to laugh,
And dance and indulge,

And the Karakula shark
Winked with her right eye
And laughs, and laughs,
As if someone tickles her.

And the little hippos
Grabbed the bellies
And laugh, flooded -
So the oaks are shaking.

Here comes Hippo, here is Popo,
Gippo-popo, Gippo-popo!
Here comes the Hippopotamus.
It comes from Zanzibar.
He goes to Kilimanjaro -
And he screams, and he sings:
"Glory, glory to Aybolit!
Glory to the good doctors!»

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