Song of hell

Day burnt out on the field of the land,
Where I was looking for ways and days shorter.
There lay the purple twilight.

I'm not there. Path underground night
Going, gliding, slippery rock ledge.
Familiar Hell looks into the empty eyes.

I'm on the ground was thrown into a bright ball,
And in a wild dance of masks and disguises
I forgot lost love and friendship.

Where's my moon? - ABOUT, where are you, Beatrice? –
I walk alone, lost the right path,
In the circles of the underground, the dictates of custom,

Amid the horror and darkness to drown.
Stream carries the corpses of friends and women,
Here and there flicker pleading eyes, il chest,

cry for mercy, il cry gentle - sparingly
Slips from the lips; here died words;
Here contracted pointless and stupid

Ring iron head pain;
And I, who sang once tenderly, –
outcast, loss of rights!

All aspire to the abyss of hopeless,
And I vosled. But here, in breaking rocks,
Above penoyu flow snowy,

In front of me an endless hall.
Network cacti and fragrance of roses,
Scraps of darkness in the depths of mirrors;

Distant mornings vague flicker
Slightly gilds defeated idol;
And stuffy spiral breath.

I recalled the terrifying world of Hall,
Where I wandered blind, both in the wild tale,
And where I caught the last feast.

There - thrown gaping mask;
There - seduced by the wife of the elder,
And the brazen light caught them in a vile affection…

But zaalelsya window cover
Under cold morning kiss,
And strange pinkish silence.

In this hour of blessed country, we spend the night,
Only here it is powerless to our earthly deception,
And I look, worrying premonition,

In the interior of the mirror through the morning mist.
to meet me, of the web of darkness
It turns out the boy. Tighten the camp;

Faded color rose in his lapel coat
Pale face of the dead man's mouth on;
On a finger - sign of the mysterious marriage -

Shines acute amethyst ring;
And I look with excitement incomprehensible
The features of his face deflorate

And asked counsel of the voice just audible:
"Tell, for that you have to languish
And circles wander irrevocable?»

Was in confusion delicate features,
Burned mouth swallows air greedily,
And a voice said from the void:

"Find out: I am devoted to the flour ruthless
for this, I was sad to earth
Under the heavy yoke of passion desolate.

Hardly our town will be hidden in the mist, –
Tomim wave of mad tune,
With the seal of the crime on the forehead,

As fallen Abused Maid,
I am looking for oblivion in the joys of wine…
And the hour of retributive wrath:

From the depths of unprecedented sleep
threw, blinded, shine
In front of me - a wonderful wife!

The Evening Bells fragile glass,
In the fog of drunken met for a moment
With only, who despised affection,

I first grasped Glee!
I drowned in her eyes Zenica!
I gave up the first passionate cry!

Since that moment has arrived, unexpectedly fast.
And darkness was deaf. And long evening Misty.
And strangely stood in the sky, meteors.

And there was blood here, this amethyst.
And I drank the blood of the arms of fragrant,
And the drink sultry and resinous…

But do not swear the strange stories
About tom, both lasted a strange dream…
From the depths of the night and foggy abysses

To us came the death knell;
fire flew Language, whistling, over us,
To burn the uselessness of interrupted time!

And - serried immense chains -
We were a whirlwind carried away to the underworld!
Bound forever deaf dreams,

Given to her to smell the pain and remember the feast,
When, that night, the shoulders of her satin
Longing leans vampire!

But my destiny - I can not call a terrible l?
Barely cold and sick dawn
Hell will perform radiance indifferent,

From the hall to go accomplishes covenant,
Ghonim toskoyu passions beznachalynoy, –
So have compassion and remember, my poet:

I'm doomed in the distant darkness of the bedroom,
Where she sleeps and breathes hotly,
Bending over her lovingly and sadly,

Plunge his ring in white shoulder!»

31 October 1909

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Alexander Blok
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