I'm told, that I have to leave – Joseph Brodsky

I'm told, that I have to leave.
Да–да. Thank you. I'm going to.
Да–да. I understand. To see off
Do not do it, and I won't get lost.
Brother, what you say is a long way.
Any nearest stop,
Brother, not, don't worry. Somehow.
I'm light at all, without suitcases.
Да–да. Time to go. Thank you.
Да–да. It's time. And everyone understands.
A joyless winter dawn
Trees are raised over the homeland.
Its end, I will not mind.
Shake your palms - and goodbye.
I recovered. I need to leave.
Да–да. Thank you for parting.
Take me home, taxi,
As if I forget the address,
Carry me to the silent fields.
I, Do you know, leaving my homeland.
As if I forgot the address:
I'll crawl to the window, fogged up,
And over the river, which he loved,
I will cry and I will click the boatman.
Its end. Now I'm in no rush.
Drive back safely, for heaven's sake,
I will look into the sky and breathe
By the cold wind of another shore.
Well, here is the long-awaited move.
Katie back, feeling no sadness.
When you enter the entrance at home,
I'm on the shore of a gentle berth.

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