It's cold – Korney Chukovsky

Ran away,
The sheet flew away,
And pillow,
Like a frog,
Has galloped away from me.

I'm for a candle,
Candle - into the stove!
I'm for the book,
Ta - to run
And skipping
Under the bed!

I want to drink tea,
I run up to the samovar,
But pot-bellied from me
Ran away, like fire.

What happened?
From what
Everything around
And rushed the wheel?

Irons behind boots,
Pie boots,
Iron pies,
Kočerga za kušakom -
Everything turns,
And spinning,
And rushes somersault.

Вдруг из маминой из спальни,
Bow-legged and lame,
The washbasin runs out
And shakes her head:

"Oh you, nasty, Oh you, dirty,
Unwashed pig!
You are blacker than a chimney sweep,
Admire yourself:
You have wax on your neck,
There's a blot under your nose,
You have such hands,
That even the pants ran away,
Even pants, even pants
Ran away from you.

Early in the morning at dawn
Little mice are washing,
And kittens, and ducklings,
And bugs, and spiders.

You didn’t wash alone
And remained muddy,
And ran away from the dirty
And stockings and shoes.

I am the Great Laver,
Famous Moidodyr,
Washbasins Chief
And loofahs Commander!

If I stomp my foot,
I will call my soldiers,
To this room in a crowd
Washbasins will fly,
And they will bark, and will howl,
And their feet will knock,
And you headwash,
Unwashed, will give -
Directly to the Moika,
Directly to the Moika
With his head dipped!»

He hit the copper basin
And cried out: “Kara-baras!»

And now the brushes, brushes
They rattled, like ratchets,
And let's rub me,

"My, my chimney sweep
Чисто, clean, clean, clean!
Will be, there will be a chimney sweep
Clean, clean, clean, clean!»

And then the soap jumped
And grabbed the hair,
And yulilo, and soaped,
And bit, like a wasp.

And from a mad washcloth
I rushed, like a stick,
And she follows me, follow me
On Sadovaya, on Haymarket.

I am to the Tauride Garden,
Jumped over the fence,
And she rushes after me
And bites, like a wolf.

Suddenly my good,
My favorite Crocodile.
He's with Totosha and Kokosha
Walked along the alley

And a loofah, like a jackdaw,
Like a jackdaw, swallowed.

And then how it growls
On me,
How it kicks
On me:
"You go home,
Wash your face,
Or how I will get it,
Trample and swallow!»

How I started down the street
run away,
I ran to the washbasin

Soap, soap
Soap, soap
Washed my face endlessly,
Washed away and wax
And ink
From an unwashed face.

And now the pants, pants
So they jumped into my arms.

And behind them is a pie:
“Come on, eat me, boyfriend!»

And after him and a sandwich:
Jumped up - and straight into your mouth!

So the book has returned,
The notebook came back,
And the grammar started
To dance with arithmetic.

Here is the Great Laver,
Famous Moidodyr,
Washbasins Chief
And loofahs Commander,
Ran up to me, dancing,
AND, kissing, spoke:

“Now I love you,
Now I praise you!
Finally you, dirty,
Moidodyr pleased!»

must, need to wash
In the mornings and evenings,

And unclean
Chimney sweeps -
Shame and disgrace!
Shame and disgrace!

Long live fragrant soap,
And the towel is fluffy,
And tooth powder,
And a thick scallop!

Let's take a shower, splash,
Bathe, dive, tumble
In the ear, in the trough, in a tub,
In a river, in the brook, в океане, —

And in the bath, and in the bath,
Anytime and anywhere -
Eternal glory to the water!

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