Cockroach – Korney Chukovsky

Part one

The bears rode
By bike.

And behind them the cat

And behind him are mosquitoes
On the air balloon.

And behind them are cancers
On a lame dog.

Wolves on a mare.
Lions in the car.

In the tram.

A toad on a broom ... They ride and laugh,

Suddenly from the gateway
Scary giant,
Red and mustachioed
Cockroaches, Cockroaches, Cockroach!

He growls, and screams,
And moves his mustache:
"You guessed it, do not hurry,
I'll swallow you in no time!
Swallow, swallow, I will not pardon ".

The beasts trembled,

Wolves from fright
They ate each other.

Бедный крокодил
Жабу проглотил.

And the elephant, all trembling,
So she sat on a hedgehog.

Only bully crabs
Not afraid of the fight-fight:
Though they move back,
But they move their mustache
And shout to the great mustache:

“Don't shout or growl,
We are barbel ourselves,
We can do it ourselves
Wiggle your mustache!»
And they moved back even further.

And said to the Hippopotamus
Crocodiles and whales:

"Who is not afraid of the villain
And fight the monster,
I am that hero
I will give two frogs
And I will give you a spruce cone!»

“We are not afraid of him,
Your giant:
We are teeth,
We are fangs,
We hoof it!»

And a merry crowd
The beasts rushed into battle.

But, seeing a barbel
The beasts gave a streak

Through the forests, scattered across the fields:
Cockroach mustache scared.

And the Hippopotamus cried:
"What a shame, what a shame!
Hey, быки и носороги,
Выходите из берлоги
И врага
На рога
Lift up!»

But bulls and rhinos
Answer from the den:
“We would be the enemy
On the horns would.
Only the skin is the road,
And the horns too
not cheap ",

And sit and tremble
Under the bushes,
They hide behind the swamp

Crocodiles in nettles
And in the ditch elephants

Only heard,
How teeth chatter,
Only visible,
How ears tremble.

And the dashing monkeys
Picked up the suitcases
And rather from all legs
Nautek. And the shark Dodged,
She just waved her tail.

And behind her is a cuttlefish -
So it backs away,
And so it rolls.

Часть вторая

So the Cockroach became
the winner,
And forests and fields overlord.
The animals obeyed the mustache.
(To make him fail,
damn it!)
And he walks between them,
Gilded belly strokes:
"Bring me, beasts,
your kids,
I have them for dinner today

Poor, poor beasts!
Howling, cry, roar!
In every den
And in every cave
The evil glutton is sworn.

And what kind of mother
Agree to give
Your dear child -
Teddy bear, wolf, elephant,-
To an unsatisfied scarecrow
Poor baby

They cry, are killed,
With babies forever
say goodbye.

But one day in the morning
Priskakala kangaroo,
She saw the mustache,
Screamed in a rush:
"Is this a giant?
It's just a cockroach!

Cockroaches, cockroaches,
And you are not ashamed?
Do not hurt you?
You are toothy,
You are fanged,
And the little thing
Bowed down,
And the goat
They obeyed!»

Scared hippos,
They whispered: "What are you, What are you!
Get out of here!
No matter how bad we are!»

Only suddenly from behind a bush,
Because of the blue forest,
From distant fields
Sparrow arrives.
Jump yes jump
It's too rotten,

Took and pecked the Cockroach,
There is no giant.
The giant got the division,
And no mustache remained from him.

It works, to-to work
The whole animal family,
Glorify, congratulate
Swift Sparrow!

Donkeys sing his glory from the notes,
Goats sweep the road with their beards,
Rams, rams
Beat the drums! Trumpet owls
They are trumpeting!

Rooks with watchtower
The bats
On the roof
Waving handkerchiefs
And they dance.

And the elephants were ostentatious
So dashingly dances,
What a rosy moon
Trembled in the sky
And the poor elephant
Fell head over heels.

Then there was concern -
За луной нырять в болото
И гвоздями к небесам приколачивать!

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