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(Twentieth century by R. Hr.)*

Venue - Duchess Boudoir.

B l o to

…At the end of the sixth volume of Heine's Well, there,
Where end Englische Fragmente,**
It is necessary to put an article
About Heine in England: his influence
This nation, and then, which the
He left in her literature.

T and x o n about in ***

To train a instruct article?

B l o to

Lot different here spetsyalistov,
But everyone thinks only of his own:
Lozinski - only speaks to God;
Volyn - love only; LN -
Only kings. With the horses in the stable
Accustomed to speak one Chukovskij…

B y to on in lis h (zapalchyvo)

Not true! I read in Proletkult,
And in the studio, and Petrokompromisse,
And Otsup ****, and Revvoensovete!

B l o to

roots I.! After all, you got me
Not understood! I just want to say,
What you're one could write
Article about Heine…

B y to on in lis h (spitefully)

"Esseys", probably,
I was pleased to tell you?

B l o to

Yes, with. Essey-a.

B y to on in lis h (with voplem)

I am busy! I "Principles" writing!
I grzhebinskie lists are compiled!
Perseus instseniruyu! Nekrasov
Have not put! Vvedensky, Dickens, Whitman
Another table clutter! Shevchenko,

B l o to

Korney Ivanovich!
Not you one! Or - not to rise? Natuzhtes!
who does, better than you?

Remark i t i n

His! News -

B r and d u o

Korney Ivanovich, please!

In a l s n a u to

Chukovskij compose fresh and nervously!

As with a

Chukovsky! Chukovsky write!

B y to on in lis h still trying to say something, but a collective cry of the world's literary drowns his faint voice. The case threatens to turn, as in all historical periods, in a nasty story. B y to on in lis h, exhausted, It falls in the broken chair, which is still no price. A n t o n, coming, puts him a note.

B y to on in lis h (a weak voice)

Let wait. As many as there?

A n t o n


T and x n o of a

so, Korney Ivanovich, hand over us
Article in a finished form not later,
The Christmas.

B y to on in lis h

What year?.. style?

T and x n o of a

Year - this. Style - Marxists still.

B y to on in lis h
(I am trying to change the conversation)

BUT, may be, no Style, and Addison?

T and x n o of a

Not, a new style.

B y to on in lis h
(still pretending not to understand)


T and x n o of a

To make it stronger, we ask Evdokia
Petrovna is record.

B y to on in lis h (demolished)

I give up…

T and x n o of a

Happy news to share with you…*****

*According to the structure of the verse and some turns of language attributed Amfiteatrov. In the French translation of the play called «Arlequin, polished literature » («Harlequin, smoothed literature ". - Ed.).
**English fragments (it.) - Red.
***A replica of that person have only male end.
****This verse does not give a clue concept "Otsup"; if there was a man, the Chukovskij could "read" in his soul; if - the establishment, the, obviously, there was a cultural and educational cell, where Chukovskij lectured.
*****At this point the manuscript breaks. It is believed, Tikhonov started talking or kerosene, or wood, or soldering; anyway, about something pleasant, judging by, that there first appears rhyme.
As far as, Article Chukovsky "Heine in England" was actually put into the set after Christmas 1919 of the year. It contains about 10 000 printed signs, I am waiting queue in the print shop around 30 years and was published 31 suction caps 1919 of the year, wherein inadvertently responsible 14, qualified, booked and municipal correctors its title was printed in error, exactly: "Gay is not the angels'.

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